HP203 – 6 kg durable automatic grease pump

This 6 kg durable automatic grease pump has been designed for medium and large sized machines that operate in extreme circumstances. Designed for the use of any EP2 grease. Oil and thinner greases can be used without any problem. From 2 to 4 cc output per minute per element. The pump is available in 12- and 24-Volt direct current (VDC) and 230 V alternating current (VAC). The grease level in the reservoir is clearly visible.

Hebonilube HP203 6kg

Follower plate


6kg Clear reservoir


Filling nipple


Access to internal controller


Power supply socket


Rating plate

Features HP 203 – 6kg

Specially made for small and medium sized vehicles and machines, the HP 203 with its automatic greasing gives a longer operational life to your machines. The pump lubricates the machines via the grease nipples during the running hours. No downtime or dangerous situations during maintenance. 

Properties HP 203 – 6kg

  • Suitable for all EP2 greases
  • Dosage of 2 to 4 cc per minute per element
  • Can contain up to 6 kg of grease
  • 12 or 24 Volt direct current (VDC)
  • 230 V alternating current (VAC)
  • Follower plate to guide the grease to the pump
  • Transparent reservoir – easy to see how much grease is still in
  • Environmentally friendly

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9 promises why Hebonilube grease pumps are the best alternative

1. fast delivery

2. competitive price 

3. wear reduction, low repair costs

4. safety

5. efficient lubrication

6. higher trade-in value of machines

7. sustainability

8. quality

9. professional service and support